Who are AppyKids?

We are a children’s edutainment company on a mission to create smart fun for everyone. We create fun educational content for kids – apps, videos, books, toys and more.

What is the AppyKids Play School Series?

The AppyKids Play School Series is our early years learning brand. Built on pre school curriculum topics, it is targeted at little learners (ages 3+)

What is The AppyKids Play School Smart Kit?

A fun educational toy that bridges the best of physical and digital play to create an immersive learning experience for children.
Comprised of an Appy toy, that is also a device dock, and smart flashcards that interact with our Play School app, your child will learn language, numbers, colours and shapes through music, story, gameplay and fun.

When you purchase the Smart Kit, you will receive full access to the AppyKids Play School App, which includes all our current and future Play School content.

How do I activate my Play School Smart Kit?

When you buy your Smart Kit:

  1. Take the Appy toy out of the box.
  2. Look for the activation code under the flashcards box.
  3. Download and install the AppyKids Play School App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  4. Open the app
  5. Tap the ‘Activate my Smart Kit’ icon
  6. Allow the Play School app access to your camera, this enables your device to detect the activation code and smart flashcards.
  7. Show the Play School app your activation code, located at the bottom of your flashcard box.
  8. Success, you can now begin to Play!

My AppyKids Play School Smart Kit does not activate?

Please take a picture of your activation code and send it to us at support@appykids.com a member of our team will be in touch.

What exactly will I get when I buy the AppyKids Play School Smart Kit

  • A versatile Appy toy that becomes a universal dock for your smartphone or tablet.
  • A set of smart flashcards, that interact with our AppyKids Play School App, covering early years learning topics – language, numbers, colors, shapes and music.
  • Hours of fun learning game play on AppyKids Play School App
  • Full access to the AppyKids Play School App.

What is the AppyKids Play School App?

It is one great app with hours of fun story based games covering key early years education topics, enabling you to support your child’s learning journey.
Our Play School App can be used with the Play School Smart Kit or alone in digital format.

  • Language – letters, phonics, words and fluency
  • Math & Science – numbers 1-20, shapes and spatial reasoning
  • Art – colour identification and mixing
  • Music – introduction to notes and nursery rhymes
  • Books – 2 great books to read to your children
  • Appy Factory – your child can design and build their own Appy character
  • Original stories and songs

What is the AppyKids Play School App Subscription?

When you subscribe to AppyKids Play School App you will receive access to all our current and future AppyKids Play School App content.

How do I subscribe to the AppyKids Play School App?

  • Download and install the AppyKids Play School App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and from the settings, or anywhere in the app you see the lock sign, you can subscribe.
  • You have to pass a parental gateway first and then you will see the subscription page
  • Choose which subscription you want – monthly/annually
  • Enter your Apple/Google Play ID password to confirm the subscription
  • Congratulations you are now subscribed to AppyKids!
  • Subscriptions are billed directly to the credit card registered to your Apple App Store/Google Play account.

What is AppyKids Connect?

AppyKids Connect is a companion app for the AppyKids Play School App and Smart Kit.

Developed for Parents and Teachers, it is filled with learning and teaching resources such as tutorials, videos and articles highlighting a range of early years education topics.

Key Features:

  • Monitors a child’s learning journey as they use the AppyKids Play School App and Smart Kit.
  • Supports a child’s learning journey. Loaded with informative video tutorials, expert advice, teaching and learning suggestions, AppyKids Connect delivers enormous value to parents at home or teachers in the classroom.
  • Discover best teaching practices from around the world.

What ages is the AppyKids Play School Series designed for?

The AppyKids Play School Series is designed for children ages 3+

What is the Educational Value of the AppyKids Play School Series?

Our Play School Series covers key early years learning topics and we’ve built a unique methodology of interaction. “Present-Practice-Produce” using story and play to help children develop their language, numeric, artistic, social and cognitive skills.

Each step within the Play School learning journey is carefully designed and developed so that a child progresses and learns incrementally.

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What products are available in the AppyKids Play School Series?

  1. AppyKids Play School Smart Kit
  2. AppyKids Play School App
  3. AppyKids Phonics Book
  4. AppyKids Numbers Book

We will be launching more products soon.

Where can I buy your products from?

  • Virgin Megastores
  • Alghanim Electronics and online at www.xcite.com
  • AppyKids.com

Who creates your AppyKids Play School content?

At AppyKids we are a team of game designers, illustrators, writers, musicians, filmmakers and developers who have worked with distinguished educational technologists and teachers. We have listened intently to parents and children to create fun products that support a child’s learning journey.

Can I use the AppyKids Play School App without the Smart Kit?

Yes you can!

If you have not bought the AppyKids Play School Smart Kit, you have the option to use the app only version with the on-screen flashcards and subscribe to the Play School App to play all the games.

What Platforms do you Support?

  • iOS – Devices with iOS version 9.0+
  • Android – Leading Android devices with Android 5+ and with a front-facing camera.

What languages is the Play School app localised in?Accordion Title

The Play School app is in English with instructional learning support in the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian

If your child is not a native English speaker, this enables your child to learn English as a second language.

The AppyKids Play School App is not opening/working?e

Firstly, delete the app and reinstall it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Open the app again, If it is still not working please visit Support link appykids.com/support and give us more details.

What does the AppyKids Play School subscription offer?

Unlimited access to all our current and future Play School App content.

How do I link the Play School App to AppyKids Connect?

On the main Play School app home screen:

  • Go to settings
  • Click the AppyKids Connect icon
  • Tap connect.
  • If you don’t have AppyKids Connect installed on your device you will be directed to download AppyKids Connect from the app store.
  • You can Sign up or Login to AppyKids Connect with your Facebook account details or your mobile number, once this is done the apps are connected.

How do I set up a Group?

  • Tap the Group Icon at the bottom of the app.
  • Hit the + (plus) sign
  • Tap Group Name and type in the name
  • Hit save, your group is now set up.

How do I set-up a profile within a Group?

  • Select the Group you want to set up a child’s profile in
  • Hit the + (plus) sign
  • Type in the child’s first and last names
  • Hit save, the child’s profile is now saved
  • Hit the + (plus) sign to add another child to the Group

I would like to volume purchase/bulk buy the Smart Kit for my school, who do I contact?

We are delighted that you like the Smart Kit and want to buy it for your school. Please contact hello@appykids.com and an AppyKids team member will get back to you.