Introducing the AppyKids Toy Box App

We have been working quietly on a new app which is all about fun. A digital toy box with fun little toys from AR tools to music production that will entertain kids and kids at heart!

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How Tall ARe You?

Our super accurate augmented reality height measuring tool tracks your little ones as they grow. Take a pic, save it to your camera roll or share it with your family and friends.

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Beats by Appies

Your children will learn to mix instruments and create their very own masterpieces. Oh yeah, and we have a Christmas edition as well!

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Sticker MadneSs

Chose a scene or take your own picture and decorate it with our huge assortment of stickers. Your kids will soon be creating their own little works of art.

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Puzzling Fun!

From underwater worlds to the jurassic period, we have a variety of fun puzzles for your kids. Your children will complete the puzzle and learn the words as they play.

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Memory Match Up

The classic memomry games with The Appies. Sharpen your memory with this fun game with the various difficulty levels.

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Colouring Corner

Choose from a great assortment of Appy colouring sheets. Children can get creative with our various brushes and learn their colours.

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AppyKids Toy Box

50% launch sale.